Latest Cultural Exchange Takes Place

This time at Berlin’s Carneval of Cultures. Like, duh. Where else?


Police have detained three suspects after two teens were groped and robbed by a group of young men during Berlin’s “Karneval der Kulturen” festival. The assault was reminiscent of the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne.

Germans everywhere immediately began apologizing for not having first properly explained to these young men how sexual harassment, rape and robbery are not generally viewed as being socially acceptable in their country and then immediately sought to make amends for their shameful oversight by referring them to the German government’s latest $136,000 porn site specially designed for sex-starved refugees like themselves who are desperately trying to integrate with German women or anything else out there that moves.


Hmmm. They could have at least explained to that guy (I’m assuming here he’s the asylum-seeker) that the two of them are going to have to take the rest of their clothes off first.

The site is adorned with cartoon illustrations of various sex acts that are equally graphic and clinical. (Imagine the stick-figure man and woman on a public restroom sign pictured in virtually every conceivable sexual position.)

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  1. Meanwhile, as ISIS is making its latest Fatwa, urging Muslims to stab U.S. millionaires and businessmen, like the Palestinians are randomly stabbing Israelis in Israel, President Obama made his own Fatwa. Obama decreed that transgender people are protected by Title IX and that all schools that receive federal assistance must make bathrooms and locker rooms accessible to any student of either sex so long as that individual feels most comfortable using. The consequences for the schools if they do not comply, is among other options, losing federal money that pays for school lunches. Denying children a lunch in school is a small price to pay for transgender equality.

    • Considering the lunches they give them now, this might be a good thing for the health of the children.
      I predict a run on parochial schools…and possibly a “hate” crime spike.

  2. You got to hand it to El Presidente, Murph – and we are ALL going to miss him, aren’t we? – when it comes to finding and addressing the truly pressing issues of our times he has an unbeatable guter Riecher (good nose). A red cardboard one. What a clown.

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