Monsanto Not Nearly As Evil As It Was Just A Few Hours Ago

That’s because a German company is now trying to buy it (although they do appear to be choking on it at the moment). Germans are like Green with a capital G or something, you see.


It (Monsanto) has been characterized variously as sinister, evil and a corporate bully. Surveys rank it among the most hated companies in America. And now Bayer AG wants to buy it…

“Monsanto has been better defined by the critics than they should’ve been. We see often times a company has a terrible reputation that often is not that they’ve done something horrendously bad. They’ve just let others define them.”

Von Monstermais und Frankenfood: Die Welt hat sich verändert. Vor hundert Jahren ernteten Getreidebauern in Deutschland je Hektar kaum ein Viertel der Menge, die die Landwirte heute einfahren.

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  1. A German friend posted on FB a list of companies to boycott that use Monsanto products. Among them are Mars Bars, Nestle Chocolate, and Wella hair products. Wella is produced a few villages from where my friend lives. Does she want to get these poor people laid off because of Franken Soy Beans? Sorry, but I will continue to eat my Three Musketeers.

  2. It’s complex, Murph. To keep the hysteria going you’ve got to have a Buhmann (bogeyman) or two. That’s just how people are. But not too many. Otherwise folks lose track of them and start mixing them up and stuff and the irrationality gets all soggy and watered down. Then to keep those handful of bogeymen going you need a whole bunch of other professional-type talking head people continually defining and redefining them (see the quote in the post) to fit some preposterous narrative that also keeps changing after having been created years before by some other professional-type talking head people higher up the hysteria hierarchy who are no longer with us anymore but nobody cares anyway (that it keeps changing). This narrative is in turn part of a larger hysterical narrative that, irrational as it may be, is, well… Damn. I lost my train of thought. Let’s try this again some other time.

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