German Foreign Office Supports Trump

Poor old Frank-Walter Steinmeier. He never was the sharpest knife in the, uh, cupboard. What is more, as Winston Churchill might have put it, “he is a sheep in sheep’s clothing.”


But worst of all are this guy’s instincts, or the lack of them. By coming out publicly and saying, as he just did, that the world is too complicated for characters like Trump (implying, of course, that only smart folks like Steinmeier HIMSELF are in the position to keep this complicated world of ours running so wonderfully as it is already) he assures that any American voter who hears this and is not quite sure about whether he or she wants to vote for Trump or not just got that much closer to deciding to do so.

„Die Welt ist wahnsinnig kompliziert. Sie braucht Politiker, die sich ihrer Verantwortung bewusst sind; die helfen, die Welt zu verbessern. Wir brauchen keine Anführer, die unsere Welt noch gefährlicher machen.“


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  1. Frank does not have to worry. The MSM is doing a good job of keeping Trump in check. Just this news cycle, Trump said something vague about 2nd Amendment fans “knowing what to do” if Hillary appointed an anti-gun Supreme Court Justice. The MSM is reporting that Trump put a hit on Hillary.

    Meanwhile, in the same news cycle, the father of the Orlando shooter was right behind Hillary during her speech in neighboring Kissamee, Florida. In the party of inclusion (Democrats), whoever sits behind Hillary during one of her speeches is staged. It was not because of a random seating arrangement that shooter dad was right behind her when she made her speech. When she was asked why the shooter’s dad was prominently seated behind her, she avoided the question and walked away.

    ….and on Dutch TV, Julian Assange implied that his source for the DNC email leak was not the Russians, as Obama implied, but a young DNC staffer who was mysteriously shot and murdered while jogging on the streets of Washington D.C. Crickets chirping from the MSM…and the beat goes on!

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