Expat Democrats Utterly Speechless But Vow To Remain Smug


The crowd of expats who packed the Democrats Abroad election night party in Berlin to watch live election coverage by American broadcaster CNN was conspicuously young and conspicuously female. There had been much talk about apathy among so-called millennials in this campaign, but you wouldn’t have known that in the German capital…

Of course that was then and this is now.

“I’m in too much of an emotional state,” said expat Democrat X, when asked what she thought about the new President-elect. “No comment. But wait. I will say that you can bet we will bounce back from this and be just as self-righteous, priggish and self-satisfied as we ever have been. Mabe even more so. But just not right now, OK?”

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  1. One college is making “therapy dogs” available to distraught students that voted for Hillary. Has this idea caught on in Germany yet?

    • Might I suggest a nice Guernsey or Jersey (just stay away from the bulls)? The others can get a little stroppy. A Kerry or Devon could work too, if you wanted a more boutique type cow.

      I work in academia — in the Humanities Dept. no less; it isn’t as bad as they are reporting…it’s worse. Frantic pearl clutching? Cognitive dissonance? A certain theatricality to their vows of protest? Smug hubris with an overlay of passive aggressive disorder? If they monetized it, we’d have no debt.
      Trying to bring up that just maybe, maybe these attitudes might have contributed perhaps a wee bit to their ol’ gal’s defeat (and which took down the entire party) goes straight over their darling, educated heads.

      There have been times when I’ve felt like quitting and going back to the factory; this is one of those times.

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