Germany Jubilant, Too

Sort of.


German of the day: Ruhig Blut. That means keep your blood calm. You know, as in steady, there, keep your shirt on?

Überraschend und entgegen der meisten Umfragen heißt der kommende Präsident der USA Donald Trump.

4 responses

  1. Hi Murph. Bedauernswert is probably best. Wow, and it looked like die Bedauernswerten won, too. That’s not what the polls and CNN said would happen… Congratulations. I’ll give Trump the same chance I gave Obama – to please prove me wrong. Obama failed big time, just in case you were wondering.

  2. I tend to be jaded about these things, but on the bright side: we aren’t going to have a president who, at least to anyone’s knowledge, admits to holding conversations with dead people.
    I’ll leave that to sink in…

    Although for all I know Germans might consider that a plus; nonetheless not their circus, not their pony.

  3. Deplorable maybe means unausstehlich or unerträglich for leftist Germans, meaning insupportable to them. But what else would one expect from the Besserwissers!

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