Germany To Take Over Leadership Of The Western World

This is one of the best satires I have read in a long, long time.*


One-Hundred Years of Fear – America Has Abdicated Its Leadership of the West

For 100 years, the United States was the leader of the free world. With the election of Donald Trump, America has now abdicated that role. It is time for Europe, and Angela Merkel, to step into the void…

The leaders of the West, minus America, face monumental tasks ahead. They are tasks for German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

* This is a satire, right?


2 responses

  1. Obama is in Athens today. I just watched a joint press conference with him and Prime Minister Tsiparis. Obama pontificated for 20 minutes on why Donald Trump won the election. Among other reasons, he gave it as a revolt against globalization. Tsiparis, through a translator, gave his 2 cents and started to immediately trash the Germans. The network, Fox, cut him off and went to their studio broadcast. Maybe I have a little Schadenfreude. But, I would have liked to hear the rest of what Tsiparis had to say.

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