US-Amerika Breaking International Law Again

Or at least that is what German Minister for Economics Brigitte Zypries (SPD)  has to say about the planned sanctions against Russia, a country that would never even think about breaking international law. They just do it.


The new bill would entail sanctions for German and European firms which cooperate with Russia, you see. And Germany is the most international nation there could ever, ever, ever be, hence the international law bit.

And like how could both houses of the US-Amerikan Congress pass such an awful thing, she wonders. Without our permission. That is totally undemocratic.

This could mean war or something, people. Germany’s international welfare is at stake.

“Of course we don’t want a trade war. But it is important the European Commission now looks into countermeasures.”


4 responses

    • McCain cheerleaders and those in America who appear to have Vlad prayer grottos erected in their closets.
      Guess the Germans do both (cheerlead for McCain and decorate their bedroom closets with Vlad icons?)
      I think I’m going to go with the Kid Rock response: haha…suck it b#$##s! (at least that would be entertaining to sit back and gauge the response….sadly the person most likely to provide just that got fired today, oh well).

      • Now, that you say it, Kid Rock could work as press secretary.

        BTW you are right about the Vlad worshipping in Germany. It is because we don’t have independent media like Fox News/Democracy Now, talk radio or your many well-funded blogs (Breitbart, Intercept, Drudge etc.). The mainstream media is more in line with the leadership of the US Democratic Party (and the swamp) than even MSNBC (they constantly throw open insults at Trump). The void is filled with Russian-sponsored outlets, just to get any relief from the mind-boggling lockstep.
        Some are mature enough to keep a three-dimensional view of Russia (and THEIR mafia swamp) others get lost in Putin admiration.

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