OMG We’re All Gonna Die

Again. And again and again and again already. This must be the one year anniversary special or something.


Here’s some more of that high-class and balanced Spiegel journalism we have all grown so accustomed to. Jeepers. How can anybody hyperventilate this long? Just a few key terms here will tell you all you need to know about this article (and you thought some folks got carried away with their tweets):

“moral emptiness”
“the erosion of American greatness”
“existential threat to the American Republic”
“nuclear brinkmanship with North Korea”
“erratic belligerence”
“frayed to the breaking point”
“like Britain’s perverse flight from the European Union”
“a blow-up-the-system mood”
“the ultimate provocateur”
“Trump’s ‘America First’ is a slogan of impeccable fascist pedigree”

“After a year of MAGA, it has become clear that a disaster is unfolding whose consequences for humanity and decency will be substantial.”

3 responses

  1. I still get dimwits on Twitter saying “but he got fewer votes” after a year. Pedantry and overbearing accusations attract little support. In the mean time, DJT slashes regs, puts Iraq and Syria back on the right track, ends the one-sided culture war, and so forth.

    I suspect that soon, possible before the midterm elections, there will be a large “anti-corruption sweep” that will engulf both parties and everyone with their thumb in the pie. For one thing, he said he would do it, and frankly, you can only do it if both your own party and the opposition detests you.

    So there you have it. It’s likely why Jeff Sessions has been MIA from the zeitgeist.

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