Who Will Be Brave Enough?

To just get it over with and close down Berlin’s new non-existent airport before it ever not opens, I mean.


Nobody will be brave enoug, of course.. Not even after this latest (coming) delay. Can you still call them delays when you get to the ten-year mark?

The latest setback is reportedly due to problems with fire protection. Other errors over the years include badly installed cables, escalators that were too short and a roof that was too heavy.

Corruption is also a factor – last year one former airport employee was sentenced to prison for taking bribes and dozens of others have been fined.

Collateral damage includes construction companies, retail outlets and taxi firms forced into bankruptcy and one former Berlin mayor (SPD) forced out of his job.

Zu Tagesspiegel-Erkenntnissen, denen zufolge eine BER-Eröffnung vor 2021 durch die neuen Informationen zunehmend unwahrscheinlich wird, äußert sich die Flughafengesellschaft nicht direkt.

PS: Happy Thanksgiving!

3 responses

  1. I visited Berlin this past week (flew into Schönefeld) and was surprised at the small scale of the airport; even compared to Edinburgh (my hometown)

    Our tour guide on Saturday said the airport is several years behind schedule and way over budget. Baffling given that Germany has a reputation for efficiency etc 🙄

  2. I know Berlin. It makes me sad things like this are happening there. I knew Europe. Corruption is a disease not only in Europe but something happening around the world since the dawn of time. There are countries with a lot of corruption and others with less. I don’t believe that one day we will leave in one world, one government, one religion as they said about what is happening through centuries behind the power curtain. If they are doing this through Deep state, Illuminati, Bilderberg group this shit will not work. We the people are the evil itself. We can be the disease and the cure at the same time. None can control us in environments with hard social pressure. Living as herd-like according the rules is not a guarantee of order to anyone. Take a deep look in the Europe history. Everyone there is walking in billions of pieces of bones and skulls rotted and scattered that were fulfilled with broken promises, corruption, betrayals, murderers, genocides… Stalin build an ocean of graves with his own people and even though he could not break the soul of those tough bastards.

    Best wishes

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