Have A Merry Muslim Christmas?

If only we could. I thought this was fake news at first but this stuff is for real, folks. Although… What is real anymore, anyway? Fake is real, real is fake. But I digress.


A Muslim student at a German high school in Lüneberg complained about a planned Christmas celebration to be held during class so, well, it promptly got cancelled.

“It’s really difficult for the school administration to find a compromise. One doesn’t want to hold an event just for Christians and exclude other religions.” No, one doesn’t. Does one? Damn. And I wasn’t even aware that we had been excluding all those other religions all those other years in the past, either. I’m not worthy.

And yeah, it’s really difficult alright. It’s clearly really difficult to find school administrators who have any sense these days. Well, at least we know now that school administrators are the same the world over. Except in Muslim countries, perhaps.

“Es ist auch wirklich schwierig für die Schulleitung, einen Kompromiss einzugehen. Man möchte nicht nur eine Veranstaltung für Christen machen und andere Religionen ausgrenzen.”

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7 responses

  1. it would be interesting to know if the student’s parents work during the holiday, or offer to cover for colleagues….if they work.

  2. Students these days! When I went to school I was glad for ANY kind of celebration or day off – and (this being a French school in Morocco) we didn’t care if it was some kind of Muslim, Christian or government celebration, even Bastille Day or “Keep Your Streets Clean” Day was OK…

    • Jews, Christians and Muslims should keep to Only One True God and should not worship a Trinity nor should they partake in heathen festivals like Christmas and Easter. As believers it is more important to know which festivals would be alright to celebrate and which ones not. Real lovers of God should live their life according to the rules of God and put god’s commandments in the first place, before man’s traditions.

      Celebrations and memorial days where no false gods or heathen elements are part of it would be no harm to commemorate or to take part as long as the way you take part of it does not go in against the way you should live according to the commandments. For example the Oktober Fest, beer drinking is something which does not go together with true faith, so would be a festival not to take part in, though looking at it or talking to some people over there, would not harm.

  3. True, but I think you get the point. Just today an Indian employee (Hindu) in my company sent a Christmas card email (Christian holiday) to everybody at work. Not an issue, nor should it be. He doesn’t feel excluded, nor is he. I just don’t understand why others in a similar position should feel that they are.

  4. In Islam Christmas is pretty much haram any way you look at it. They are not feeling excluded, they are feeling insulted. Get rid of Christmas and you will lower Muslim anger toward you by 0.0123 %, submit to Islam and you will lower it by a whopping 7.62%.

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