Warning: Nationwide Warning System Doesn’t Work

No sirens sounded all throughout Germany yesterday as the country conducted its first nationwide emergency warning system test since 1990.


Nor did the apps that were supposed to send alerts to people’s phones during the test function.

An anonymous spokesman for the German government was satisfied with the reuslts, however. “Let this be a warning to us all,” he said.

One Twitter user added: “Anyone who didn’t hear any sirens will receive a warning signal by fax or mail in the next 14 days.”


One response

  1. You have not been to the Great White North, especially in New Brunswick in the Maritimes where telecoms monopolist Rogers has the say, and where everyone who has _not_ bought their smartphone at Rogers coupled with a contract (tourists, transients, Canadians with unbranded phones), is left out in the cold and will _not_ receive the alarms of AlertReady.
    Experienced at the last public test in 2019.
    This reeks of favoritism, and the press doesn’t even care..

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