Head Lobbyist What’s In Charge

You know, kind of like ex-chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (SPD) being Gazprom’s top lobbyist?

Ain’t no big deal. The Greens are from the government and here to help, after all. They’re perfectly willing to turn a blind left eye to any conflict of interest or other ethical concerns in order to “save the planet.” The ends justify the means.

Germany’s foreign minister is facing domestic criticism over her surprise decision to recruit the head of Greenpeace as an international environmental envoy, including accusations she bent the rules to create the post and had obscured the divide between governing and lobbying…

She will reportedly receive a salary in line with that earned by bureaucrats of a similar rank, of almost €15,000 a month.

Morgan will have to also undergo a security check by Germany’s intelligence services, with some critics suggesting it may be difficult for her to distance herself from Greenpeace protest initiatives where its activists have clashed with the law.

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