Happy Easter!


Funny how a rocket can just explode like that. During such an important test, I mean.

China hatte noch am Freitag vor dem Hintergrund der stark angespannten Lage eindringlich vor neuen Provokationen und Drohungen gewarnt, damit die Situation nicht außer Kontrolle gerät. Alle Seiten sollten Zurückhaltung zeigen und nichts unternehmen, was die Situation noch verschärfen könnte, sagte Außenminister Wang Yi.

Easter Peace Marches So BORING These Days

Nearly a million peaceniks used to get together in Germany back in the 80s (against American Pershing missiles) but these days it’s hard just getting a couple hundred peace activists together over Easter.


There’s just nothing worth marching against anymore, I guess.

In fact the only excitement anybody could seem to whip at all this year was a call for action under the motto “Stop NATO and EU Wars!”

Trotz Ukraine-Krise wenig Zulauf bei Ostermärschen

Literally Hundreds March For Peace Again In Germany This Easter

Literally hundreds of German peace activists spent several hours this weekend in numerous German cities protesting against one or two (or even three) important peace-related issues like…


1) German “killer drones” that don’t exist,
2) Bundeswehr recruitment at German schools and
3) Countries like Mali and Syria that should stop being so warlike already (although everybody knows that Germany will NEVER EVER be involved there militarily in any meaningful way EVER) and just go away and leave us, as in them, alone.

Es ist an der Zeit: Sagt Nein!

Die westdeutsche Friedensbewegung hat ihre Wurzeln im Protest gegen das atomare Wettrüsten während des Kalten Krieges. 1983 erlebte sie ihren Höhepunkt mit Hunderttausenden Demonstranten in Bonn, die gegen die Stationierung von amerikanischen Atomraketen protestierten.

German Animal Paparazzi Murder Ear-Challenged Bunny Shortly Before Easter

Caught up in the manic media feeding frenzy during the filming of a rare baby rabbit born without ears in a zoo at a place called  Limbach-Oberfrohna somewhere in the wilds of eastern Germany, an overzealous news team cameraman stepped out of line and then on to the defenseless near-celebrity, bringing what would have surely been a far too short career to an even more untimely end.

“He was immediately dead. He didn’t suffer. It was a direct hit. No one could have foreseen this. Everyone here is upset. The cameraman is distraught,” a shocked and stuttering zoo spokesman said again and again and again.

At least he never saw it coming. Or heard it coming, either.

Warum es ohne Ohren auf die Welt kam, ist noch nicht endgültig geklärt. Womöglich handelt es sich um einen genetischen Defekt. “Es kann aber auch sein, dass die Mutter dem Kaninchen die Ohren abgeknabbert hat.”