The Hoff has just entered the Hof

It’s comeback time again already. And what better place to start than in Germany? And what better place to start in Germany than on the famous/imfamous (take your pick it’s both) Musikantenstadl show.

After years and years of fame and fame and then a WHOLE lot of boozohla, actor-singer-song-writer-robotic-car-driver-lifeguard-you-name-it-dude David Hasselhoff himself is going to give Germany the first taste of his latest soon-to-be hit, “This Time Around” (This Time A Round?).

He’s supposedly off the wagen and all but, uh, then why the hell did he pick the Musikantenstadl to start his comeback with? But then again on the other hand that’s better than ending up there I guess. Or, hold on, wait a minute…

Musikantenstadl, Samstag, 24. April, ARD