Have a good slide!

Or so the Germans say (Guten Rutsch!), for Happy New Year!

That ought to be easy enough this winter. It’s been the coldest December here in Germany since 1969 (before global warming started screwing everything up).

So slide well into the new year–and slide responsibly.

Der Dezember war zugleich überdurchschnittlich feucht. Am Flughafen in Frankfurt fielen insgesamt 59 Zentimeter Neuschnee, so viel wie noch nie seit Beginn der Aufzeichnungen.

3 responses

  1. Originally the expression came from “Guten Rosch” as in Rosh Hasanna (sp?), a Jewish holiday in january.
    It had nothing to do with slipping. Thanks to Adolf, people forget the Jewish contributions to German culture 😦

  2. Let me correct that : Rosch ha-Schana is the Jewish new year and is in the month of Tischri (Sept/Oct). The yiddisch new year greeting was also used here for the Gregorian new year. שנה טובה schana tova would be the usual reply.

    • Hope you all had a good one at any rate. I couldn’t get motivated enough to go party with everybody else at Brandenburg Gate and stayed home to watch Caddy Shack instead (they’re never gonna catch that gopher).

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