“Wann geht es denn endlich los?”

Anarchists these days. Like where’s the action already?

Scores of riot tourists in Berlin and Hamburg are now demanding their money back after violent clashes between anarchist hot heads and the Polizei failed to materialize last night.

“And this is supposed to be unbridled chaos?” asked one disappointed Berlin visitor. “I’ve seen more action at a funeral parlor. We’ve been waiting around here half the night and not a single Benz is burning. Anywhere. Berlin is poor but sexy, huh? Well it’s boring too.”

Sehr zum Unmut vieler Schaulustiger bleibt es dann an diesem Abend im Schanzenviertel weitgehend ruhig. Bei Bier und Cocktails warten sie darauf, dass Autonome sich mit der Polizei anlegen. “Wann geht es denn endlich los”, fragt ein Mädchen in engen Jeans und braunen Lederstiefeln ihren Begleiter im Polohemd. Eine Digitalkamera baumelt an ihrem Handgelenk.

3 responses

  1. This is outrageous! You mean not even ONE car-b-que?! If you tell me that Germans have decided to … um … you know … grow up … I’m going to scream. Jeez. Or maybe the German Kounter-Kultur Kids today are even too faul to get out of their squat, douse a high-end Auto with gas, and light the match. They probably want more unemployment Euros if the locals want to see cars ablaze. Hey, they want to get paid for their work (demos, aktions, and so on) just like everyone else.


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