Skippy is approaching the Hauptstadt!

Germans are always finding wild animals that don’t belong in their natural German habitat. It’s just what they do.

The other day it was racoon attacks in the Government Quarter. Last October it was a mysterious black panther monster in Trier. Then there are the obligitory annual alligator/crocodile sightings. Now it’s a freakin’ kangaroo in Brandenburg.

I’m still waiting for the pink elephants, though. What is it with this Extrawurst (being something special) mentality here? Why can’t they just tell fish stories and get abducted by aliens like everybody else does?

Die Spur verlor sich dann. Es gebe bisher keine Hinweise, woher das Tier stammt oder wem es gehört.

4 responses

  1. Party out of bounds in Wuppertal! Who’s to blame? “Damn Amis and their Facebook!

    Zur Teilnahme an der Party im Wuppertaler Ortsteil Ronsdorf war über das soziale Netzwerk Facebook aufgerufen worden.

    First Google Streetview invading Germans’ private Spheres, and now Facebook causing Mass Partying among German Youth. Damn.


  2. You forgot Microsoft’s Streetside, Jeffrey (that’s the latest one, I think), but who’s counting these days. This creepy technology crap is immer und überall!

  3. You just wait until the Polizei find the barrel of pythons and the crate of ravenous rabid mongosse I let loose in the Spree and out there on the Pfaueninsel….

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