Let’s Deepen German-Russian Ties

And let’s do so by cancelling a German freedom prize that was to be awarded to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin just days before German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to meet with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to discuss reinforcing their countries’ growing economic and trade ties.

Whatever. But he’ll be heartbroken for sure.

The Quadriga award annually honors people who are “role models for and from Germany” and is “dedicated to all those whose courage tears down walls and whose commitment builds bridges.”


7 responses

  1. Were they to honor him for having once been the KGB’s station chief in East Berlin? If anyone knows personally where the bodies are buried, it’s Put(a)in.

  2. There should be a “stick it to the Americans” prize, named after former Chancellor Schroeder. Vlad would be a shoe in, especially where he employs Schroeder.

  3. The Berlin Republic sees “being a window to Russia” as part of their effort to claim some sort of international relevance. Too bad they can’t even go two days of “getting tough on arms sales” to the likes of China without caving in.

  4. Yup. Russia = energy (think of that pipeline directly from Russia with love that bypasses Poland) and an emerging (ever-emerging?)market. China = BIG market, and that money’s coming in now, baby (forget Europe). This, in essence, is that famous German Realpolitik (are we having a Realpolitik 2.0 yet?). All their Sunday School speeches about human rights and democracy, etc. is just that and always will be. Those vacations on Mallorca have to be financed, you know. Hey, somebody has to be number one over here.

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