Forest Boy Actually Forrest Gump Boy

Berlin Police have now begun casting doubts about the truth of the story given by the so-called “Forest Boy” who claims to have lived in a forest somewhere for five years before showing up at Berlin City Hall one day to ask for help, just like that or something.

His recent refusal to co-operate in the investigation to help discover his true identity has made many here suspicious and has even led some officials to believe that he is in fact a “Forrest Gump Boy,” one of those simpleton-like boys who travel around the world in an attempt to meet historical figures, influence popular culture and experience firsthand some of the historic events of the early 21st century (not that anything of historic interest would ever happen here in Berlin, but still).

Dumm ist der, der Dummes tut.


4 responses

  1. So fascinating. It’s amazing to think about how many people are are left to their own devices in the woods. Be it voluntary or not, it’s some thing that has always deeply intrigued me… You have heard about the “wild boy” from France, yes?

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