Google Still Evil

But at least it saves German companies tons of money.

Something called the Institute for German Economy has just found out that fast research (and other services) carried out using Google saves German companies some 6.84 euros per employee per year. And how did they find this stuff out? I dunno. I guess they googled it or something.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t seem to be helping the German national debt very much these days. In absolute terms, every German citizen carries 24,904 euros worth of public debt, whatever public debt is worth these days. Are we having a Greece here yet?

„Wirkungsvolle Online-Tools sind heute entscheidend für Umsatz, Produktivität und Innovationsfähigkeit vieler Unternehmen.“ 

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  1. When we were in NYC a year ago we saw a ticker showing the US debt rising by about $6,000 a second and “your family’s share” at $130,000 and rising by about a buck an hour, or minute, or whatever… No definition of what a family is, of course. I guess US public debt is not worth mentioning, right?

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