58 Beer Mug Brawls

Now that’s what I call another gelungene (successful) and jolly old Oktoberfest.

And this year’s lost and found items were pretty interesting, too: Along with the 500 wallets, 400 cell phones, the crutches and the wheelchairs (that beer really can work wonders) and the 1300 pieces of clothing (they won’t say what kind), some false teeth, a Wiking helmet, a megaphone and a Blattheuschrecke (grasshopper) also got handed in. One year somebody even showed up with a glass eye.

Zum Wohl!

6 responses

  1. Herman toasts “zum Wohl.” That reminds me: Wein auf Bier, das ratte ich dir: Bier auf Wein, das lasst sein.

  2. Yeah, it’s a real madhouse down here, you guys (I’m told – nope, never made it yet). And I’m not sure, but I think that’s also where that song originates; 99 beer mug brawls on the wall, 99 beer mug brawls…

    And for FarjiAadmi, I don’t know if you got it (with the German), but the title and first link refer to the fact that there were 58 fist fights at this year’s Oktoberfest – only instead of fists they used those big honkin’ Maßkrug mugs instead. A real bloodbath, I’m sure. But all in the name of good, clean Bavarian Gemütlichkeit, so no hard feelings out there or anything, OK?

  3. Almost made it down there this year, but couldn´t get enough Texans to fly in for the brawl, therefore once more in 40 years, no go!
    Maybe 2012?
    Hat Tip: Try Hellabrunn, the zoo!

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