German Solar Energy Firms Still Waiting For Sun

And it’s November now, too. Ever spent a November in Germany?

The once “model company” Roth & Rau is the latest victim of… Was eigentlich (of what)?

“Solar companies have relied on tax credits or other forms of subsidy for their customers to buy and install the product.” These subsidies are now drying up in Germany. Hmm. Might there be a connection here?

“The logic was that as the price of oil goes up it generally benefits the oil companies but also creates more perceived need for solar products. When oil prices went down it generally hurt oil companies but created less urgency for solar products.” Well, that dynamic doesn’t seem to apply anymore.

Maybe this will all change again once the sun comes out. And once most of the solar energy companies out there have gone the way of the dinosaur.

Die Solarbranche steckt in einer schweren Krise: Die Nachfrage ist nach Förderkürzungen in mehreren wichtigen Märkten wie Deutschland und Italien eingebrochen. Gleichzeitig steigt das Angebot, weil vor allem in Asien etliche neue Fabriken eröffnet wurden.

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  1. Too bad they can´t turn Hochnebel into electric energy. The fog also clogs up Windräder making them -thanks Nebel- unsichtbar on the horizon.

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