Tell Me How To Vote Oh Great And Powerful Vote-O-Mat!

Do you have any idea what the reaction over here would be if this were a freakin’ US-Amerikan invention?


That’s right, the Wahl-O-Mat is a specially designed hi-tech online device that will instruct undecided and/or clueless German voters who to vote for. Just answer 38 questions posed by Spiegel Online ITSELF and something called The Federal Center for Political Literacy and you will gladly be told precisely where to place your X in the upcoming European Election. And not to worry, the Wahl-O-Mat just can’t be evil because, well, it comes from here.

Hmmm. I wonder if these are going to be used in the upcoming Ukrainian referendum, too.

Testen Sie, welche Partei Ihren Ansichten am nächsten kommt!

4 responses

  1. We just moved to Germany and though there are more things to love than hate, I must admit that it isn’t all roses here. They’ve got some lifestyle practices and laws that I wish we had in the states, but it comes at the price of socialism. It’s not the socialism I grew up learning about–it’s the democratic kind which is almost worse. My perfect country would be a blend of the US and Germany–I would just leave out the parts I don’t like about both–and this fun little gadget (probably coming to a Wal-Mart near you soon) would be left out for sure!

  2. I don’t really think you can call this socialism, Angelique. The German system works, socialism never has. And the German system works because it is based on the free market and, gulp, capitalism, as hard as it is for Germans and others to accept, much less admit to.

    Many do still believe in this socialist illusion, however. The Social Democrats (the “bourgeois” socialists), for instance, still pretend that you can get something for nothing and that redistribution (moving tax payer money) from A to B and then back to A again is some kind of a “system” that actually works. It doesn’t, of course. It’s all just a big game, very similar to the way it is back home. Make the masses think that this handful of people (politicians) are absolutely necessary to make a system run (the free market) that already runs just fine without them.

    And you can’t just leave out and trade parts here and there, unfortunately, because the free market is the only place where absolutely nothing is for free.

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