The Bigger They Are…

Airbus Group NV (AIR) raised the prospect of discontinuing its A380 superjumbo as soon as 2018, the first admission that it may have misjudged the market for the double-decker after failing to find a single airline buyer this year.


Bis heute hat Airbus Bestellungen für 318 Exemplare der A380 erhalten. Das ist nur gut ein Viertel des Bedarfs, den Airbus einst vorausgesagt hatte.

One response

  1. The thing about this beast is that there are SO FEW routes begging for this behemoth that the demand itself would be self-limiting. You would think that they would look at how few Boeing 747 orders there have been in the past 20 years, instead deferring to aircraft suited more to point-to-point connections.

    The other thing is that the A380 takes an eternity to load with passengers, even WITH the two jet-bridge arrangement airports have to take two slots to build.

    For my money, I’d take a B777, then maybe a A340 for any long flight. They both offer an excellent passenger experience. In fact my flight last week from Geneva-Montreal was a 777, and it was great. They don’t feel cramped, and they pressurize the cabins at full sea-level pressure now. It turns out that this is why flying has always been so tiring and prone to cause people to puke to begin with: reduced atmospheric pressure.

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