Why Does This…


Remind me of this?

Just kidding. Sort of.

When East and West Germany reunited 25 years ago this weekend, the country was drunk on euphoria and a sense of heightened optimism. While reigning chancellor Helmut Kohl promised “flourishing landscapes”, his predecessor Willy Brandt produced the now legendary sentence: “What belongs together, will grow together”.

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  1. So, it past 25 years, wow! I want to transfer what I thought and lived, while I was reading your post, my Earthling friend.:)

    Nice picture, it looks like a nice celebration. There is a video under the picture, super, historical probably it tells Nazis in 1945. First scene, an eagle , I love this animal. I wish Germany would have been staked a claim on this beautiful eagle and thus people wouldn’t think the eagle is US symbol. Already, they use all American-Indians symbols too. American elites are such as pickpocket of the planet on this issue. Video in German, I do not know German language, but I think it is making nazi propaganda. At the 1:35 second in video, the man (I guess he is Nazi black-train officer) is working very rigorous. If the Volkswagen CEOs worked like him, today’s they wouldn’t be in that position. The fussiness of this man is too much for my species, I can’t watch the rest. I’m following the links below beautiful quote already, “What belongs together, will grow together”.

    Web-link in German. Not important, the mankind always says that the solutions are endless in democracies. Let’s copy the link and put the google and after translate. In Turkish, the news title is, “it is new unit, not in just Germany.” I should look in Russian translate. In Russian, the title is “The fresh block, not in only Germany”. I see! This is a thing not in only Germany! I will not look the English translate, because I know it can give a result like this:



    The result? I guess, my Earthling friend, you’ve told a new Germany which will consist of the people who came from different nationalities. If I understood correctly, you’re right. But if I understood wrong, it is not mine, Google Translate’s fault 🙂

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