What Germans Brought To Amerika?

Other than bitching and moaning, you mean?


Whah? There’s a German-American Day? I had no idea, again. Too bad I missed the celebrations this year, too.

Hmmm. What did they bring to us (as in US), anyway? Well, there’s aspirin for one thing, for when the bitching and moaning gets to be too much. Gimme a minute. Gimme a minute, I said. OK, there’s the ring binder. That’s pretty cool. They also brought us the hair perm – and the Easter Bunny himself! Then there’s German chocolate cake. Ha, ha. Just kidding. A German doesn’t know what the hell German chocolate cake is, people. That’s as American as apple pie. Anyway, yeah. You know. They brought us stuff like that. And a lot of bitching and moaning, too. Happy holiday.

From Kindergarten and Christmas trees to hamburgers and hotdogs, German-Americans are credited with some of the most recognizable features of US culture to have emerged in the past 300 years.

Less than 5% now speak German themselves.

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    • Sorry, beer wasn’t invented by the Germans. It can be found in the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt. Now if you’re talking about Pilsner beer, that was created in Bohemia, which is part of modern day Czech Republic.

      • …but it was the Germans who brought beer to America, not the ancients of Egypt. And Bohemia (part of it anyway) was once the Sudenten part of Deutschland. I’m enjoying your blog! PS: I visited Plzen when it was still part of Czechoslovakia. The city smelled of hops and barley; the breweries all still did ‘live’ brewing that would fail any hygiene test but resulted in amazing pils beers. Prosit!

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