Is 77 Percent A Lot?

That’s the percentage of migrants who came to Germany in January without having any identification papers.


But don’t worry about that or anything. Everything is under control, as usual. Human rights organizations even say that there is a good explanation for this. And that’s of course when I stopped reading the article because I have a good explanation for this, too. It’s called: Not wanting to be identified.

Have any of you non-migrant types who already live here or elsewhere legally ever tried to explain to a German cop or other German authority that you do not have an ID when asked for one? I didn’t think so. It wouldn’t, like, fly well. Like not well at all. But some of us are more equal than others these days, I guess.

Der überwiegende Teil der Flüchtlinge, die nach Deutschland kommen, hat keine gültigen Papiere. Nach Ansicht von Menschenrechtsorganisationen gibt es dafür auch eine gute Erklärung.

3 responses

  1. Germany cannot save all the world by its own and cope with the refugee flow by its own with its little forces, other democratic countries must help as well inside and outside the EU. Seems though that not even the refugees want to stay in Greece or France…

  2. Taking refugees that Turkey pushed through will not “save” anyone. The protocol for a war zone is clear: make a safe haven for refugees in their own country. Protect them, then either wait for a political settlement, or go kill bad guys. The idea that not taking refugees in the west is inhumane is a crock.

  3. You’re making way too much sense here, Joe. How could anything as sensible as that possibly work? No, you go about it COMPLETELY bass ackwards and through your demonstrative good intentions (the road to hell is paved with them) actually create a situation in which these people will end up suffering more than they need to (see selling everything you have and breaking up your family to get here, the drownings on the way, growing resentment in Germany, etc.). But at least this headless “policy” has a bright side: If anybody had had any doubts about what an absolute farce Europe is (see its much-vaunted solidarity and common border, neither of which exist, of course) there can be no doubt about it now.

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