German Of The Day: Schwein gehabt

“Having pig” means got lucky, or you had a lucky break.


Two arrested after Germany shuts down shopping mall over fears of terrorist attack.

The sources said a German man who traveled to Syria to fight alongside the group was the suspected mastermind. He had reportedly been in contact with a number of people in the Essen area to organize the attack, and had also sent them bomb-making instructions via an online chat.

One response

  1. “a German man”. Well now, it wouldn’t be politik to give a little more sense of who this “German man” might be, would it? Is he from Hamburg, or one of those beer swilling Bavarians? Does his German lineage extend back to Arminius, or is he perhaps far more likely to be related to Nasir ad-Din Mahmud? Is he one of those European adventurer-mercenaries, spreading the joys of European imperialism wherever there’s a mark to be made, or perhaps his motivation for heading off to Syria was a bit more…. “spiritual” in nature?

    Love the phrase “having pig” though. Deliciously ironic in this instance….

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