The Man In The White Castle

Frightened by unsubstantiated fake news reports that US-Amerika‘s president has turned the place into an alternative history (alternative fact history?) horror-land run in part by their creepy grandparents, German vacationers are staying away in droves.


Almost half of Germans with an interest in traveling to the U.S. won’t do so now because they feel unwelcome or don’t want to endorse President Donald Trump.

About 46 percent of Germans who would like to visit the U.S. “in principle” have changed their views on that destination since Trump took office and won’t travel there as a result, according to a survey by GfK SE published in travel-industry magazine fvw.


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  1. I doubt this poll. The Germans that I know would give their man purses to have their picture taken in front of Trump tower. Even Trump haters. It is kind of like going on an obligatory city bus tour of Haarlem. They want to see and validate what they see on the news.

  2. I doubt every poll now, Murph. It’s more than doubt, actually. Haven’t we all finally understood that they are wrong most of the time? What are “facts” anymore? What is “truth?” The same numbers mean something else completely different depending entirely upon the context. One positive thing Trump has accomplished, I feel, is that ideas like “fake news” and “alternative facts” are at least being thought about, regardless of how you happen to think about them. It’s the age we live in and it didn’t just start with his inauguration. It’s becoming more and more like a science fiction novel (see post).

  3. The tell is in the numbers, which don’t really, completely factually add up to the headline and intro. paragraph. For down at the bottom it states that 37% would still travel to U.S. and 17% claimed that politics didn’t change their travel plans.
    So, “almost half” is a weasel statement and the stats show 53% (or “over half”) could potentially still travel to the land of the OMGTrumpenfuhrerOMG!!!TM.
    News outlets do this all the time — it isn’t really lying, but…they kinda leave the lazy reader to make assumptions. For shame.
    And not that I care because tourists of the German or any variety don’t really come here anyway (this is a benefit for us non-warmhearted, antisocial types), so whatevs.
    But the production values on Man in the High Castle were pretty nice, so there’s that.

  4. Well, when German tourism to the US actually DROPS by 47%, let me know. “In principle”, the moonbat crazy in the Palestinian Occupied Territories is why I’m not going to visit there. The fact that I’m pretty darn unlikely to visit there ANYWAY, whether it’s all Hamas rocket launchers or puppies and kittens is totally irrelevant to someone with an agenda claiming that because of Hamas, 100% of BikerDads aren’t going to vacation in Gaza.

    Anyhow, the 47% who don’t want to visit the US because TRUMP!!! can just mosey on up to Sweden. After all, there’s only a 1 in 7 chance that there will be a hand grenade attack on any given day that they’re there.

    Even better, they should visit Vienna. Find out what happened in 1683.

    • Speaking of Vienna, BikerDad, the Germans have this goofy joke (an old one, long before the current migrant situation): The Turks once stood before Vienna. Today they stand in front of ALDI (the discount store chain). And thanks for that asteroid tip, Jenny. That is a real danger I buy, real but maybe not so clear just yet, and I will prepare accordingly.

  5. I believe that water is wet, staring straight at the sun hurts your eyes, always check the girth before you mount up, and that the safety is a mechanism and as such can and will fail. My momma and my daddy taught me lots.
    And that one should never completely trust “stats” especially in a news article.

    But what do I know, I’m just an ignorant ‘merican hillbilly.

    I do have it on good account that at 0530 on March 15th, 2018 that an asteroid will hit the Earth, wiping out most life on this planet — the local astrologer says so — but that won’t concern me because the local palm reader says I’m supposed to be hit by a northbound bus at 1512 on March 14th, 2018.
    Since people seem to love to get their information from tea leaves, I guess these are about as good a predictions as any.

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