Childless Chancellor Concerned About German Reproduction Rate

Distraught by her countrywomen’s rotten reproduction record, childless German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called an emergency demography strategy summit in Berlin.


“What’s with these Luschen (duds)?” The cranky chancellor asked her clueless ministers. “I mean, this isn’t rocket science we’re talking about here. Don’t they, you know, show them films and stuff at school about this, you know, kind of thing? Even I’ve seen films like that, you know. Once, I think.”

I think Germany is below average in terms of the help provided to young people. And Germany is certainly below average in the attitude that women with children should not work. In most countries it was like that 50 years ago but not today. That is just very detrimental to fertility.


2 responses

  1. The culture of life — learn to love it, love to live it.
    That’s my advice, not that it would be taken.
    PS. my career (and our family’s expendable income) did indeed take a hit when I stayed home to mother to my litter (as the mister and I’s double+ the national average number of kinder are affectionately called; and we nearly made triple!) — but there is more to life than climbing the professional ladder and having extra money to go on a bigger vacation or buy the latest fads. Namely, having a family, which provides riches of a different (and I think better) sort. It’s just a different priority set.
    Oh, and marriage — people should try it and most importantly try making it work (which having kids can help with); it really isn’t all that bad…kinda good in fact.
    Maybe if the society reprioritized…nah, that would be too easy (and yet too difficult).

  2. In it’s last decade, the DDR was also in a state of demographic decline. Fliegers were numerically insignificant to the population count at that point. The fact is that enough of the people were so miserable that they just didn’t see a future. Call it “unseriousness” or any other number of things to make oneself fee better, but in the new, reunited European Germany, the same reasons apply.

    People aren’t that satisfied by life, or they’re more ungrateful, or have expectations that are too high, or find life is just too complex for them, but they just aren’t happy enough to see much of a future.

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