German Of The Day: Vortex

That means vortex. And Germans are terrified by vortexes, you know.


But they shouldn’t be terrified by that one. According to this article, few Germans even expect President Trump to finish his four-year term in the White House anyway. So like sit back and relax already. And let the vortex be with you.

Less than 25 percent of Germans think US President Donald Trump will complete his four-year term in office, according to a public opinion poll released Saturday. More than two-thirds of those surveyed said categorically that they believe Trump will be out of office before his term expires in January 2021. The survey was conducted by Civey, an opinion research group, for the daily newspaper Die Welt.


5 responses

  1. Vor etwa zehn Jahren hab ich diesen Blog erstmals entdeckt. Damals fand ich diese Fremdsicht auf Deutschland irgendwie faszinierend. Sehr detailliert, sehr feine Beobachtungen. Aber irgendwann wurde es dann langweilig, weil immer dasselbe. Soweit ich sehen kann, halt sich die beissend-herablassende Grundhaltung kein bisschen geändert. Glückwunsch zu dieser Konstanz!

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