399,000 Euros

That’s what one regional director among the “public-sector broadcasters” (state TV) earns here annually – that guy down there. There a dozen or two of these directors out there, by the way.


Why that’s more than the President of the United States makes (not that our current President particularly cares about what he gets paid).

Is TV that good here in Germany, you ask? Why yes, it is. Just ask that regional director. It is in fact so good that all Germans are permitted to finance it with a so-called Abgabe, or contribution. Contribution sounds better than tax. Contribution contributes more to the warm and fuzzy feeling everybody has here about state-run TV. And it also contributes to that guy’s ridiculous salary, too. But quality has its price. And as viewers are told time and time and time again, what they are watching is Quality pur (pure).

Wenn man immer geringere Bezahlung fordere, könnten sich am Ende nur noch Milliardäre leisten, eine öffentlich-rechtliche Anstalt zu leiten.


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  1. In my home state of Massachusetts we have the Department of Education which among other things, oversees the University and State College system. Under the Department’s line and block chart, the University of Massachusetts, which originally had only two campuses, had a Dean of Students, and 3 assistant Dean of Students, respectively earning about $250,000 and $150,000. There were seven State (Teacher) colleges, which had a line and block chart of one Dean.

    Some bureaucrat, or maybe politician, or both, figured if they changed the names of the seven State Colleges to “Universities,” they could hire more assistant Deans and employ voted-out politicians or Professors that were tired of teaching. Thus, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts now has 10 universities, employing 30 assistant Deans at $150,000 a pop.

    One Assistant Dean at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, only had an Associates degree. A few years ago, she spelled Massachusetts wrong on the Class Graduation Program.

  2. It’s human nature, Murph. Unfortunately. I’ve seen it happen in companies I’ve worked at. Every manager type does his/her best to build an empire. The larger your department gets the more they have to pay you, in essence. Whether a department needs to be bigger or not is completely unimportant here, of course. Larger institutions are only worse, especially because they are not in the private sector and don’t have to turn a profit. Here in Germany with this TV scam they don’t even have to ask the voters.

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