German Of The Day: Wegretuschiert

That means to airbrush out.


And a lot of customers are cross at the big German discounter Lidl these days for doing just that: Airbrushing out crosses on their products. It’s like Lidl crossed a red line here or something. And now they’re caught in the crossfire. I guess you could say they forgot to dot their i’s and cross their t’s.

First it was a number of Greek products last month and now its Italy’s turn. And why is Lidl doing this? Apparently “to observe religious and political neutrality.”  They promised to stop doing this after last month’s airbrushing incident, however. I guess they forgot to cross their heart and hope to die.

Well I, for one, certainly want my moussaka to remain religiously and politically neutral but maybe this is taking it just a wee bit too far.

Damals erklärte Lidl, dass ein derartiger Eingriff dazu diene, die religiöse und politische Neutralität einzuhalten. Nun fehlen auf Lidl-Werbefotos in Italien erneut die Kirchenkreuze.

2 responses

  1. I wonder if there’s a potential lawsuit for “cultural appropriation and oppression” in this — and more importantly if my family can cash in?
    Hey, I’ve got Polish and Italian fam…surely a few deutschmarks, er, euros could be afforded by the ever accommodating Angela and peeps.
    Oh! Ow! the oppression! my feelings! the tramplings of my cultural heritage by…uh, really really white people! Must have recompense and er, reparations!

    Might be able to go after the Germans for that silly kneeling stunt too…my God, I am so triggered and threatened by this persecutory attitude of the extremely white bread!

  2. Yeah. What’s going on, anyway? Everybody is so nervous these days, you know? That’s where all this airbrushing, kneeling, identity politics, gender bender equality, Internet censorship and all that other empty ideological sandbox play comes from, I think. The nervousness. I mean, seriously, don’t we have more important things to be doing? Oh, we don’t. Well then carry on. Lord help us if anything “real” ever happens.

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