Don’t The French Have A Hate Speech Law?

This could never happen in Germany. Not anymore. It’s simply too, too… Too hateful.


French movie star Catherine Deneuve and other prominent French women say men are being unfairly targeted by sexual misconduct allegations and should be free to hit on women.

This #metoo hysteria is, well, hysterical. Think Hollywood show the other night (I won’t say which one). You know, the girls in black? Isn’t it strange, folks? Since when did so-called liberals get to become so puritanical?

“Women are sufficiently aware that the sexual urge is by its nature wild and aggressive. But we are also clear-eyed enough not to confuse an awkward attempt to pick someone up with a sexual attack.”

One response

  1. This is hilarious! The MSM and Hollywood are stuck on a 11 year old “hot mike” conversation between the then businessman Donald Trump and mini celebrity Billy Bush. Then the New York Times shelves for one year the Harvey Weinstein scandal that one of their better reporters scooped. (Harvey was a major bundler for the political campaign of Hillary Clinton and the DNC.) The Weinstein scandal has now spread across the liberal kingdom. In Hollywood, beside Weinstein, Kevin Spacey Ben Affleck and James Franco were outed by the “Me too” crowd. In the MSM, Matt Lauer and Charley Rose have been outed as serial sexual predators. In the political spectrum, Al Franken and Charles Dingel. Didn’t Bill Clinton speak about the politics of personal destruction?

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