German Of The Day: Flüchtlingsverteilung

That means refugee distribution. A very German word.


And now Angela Merkel’s government (non-government?), slow learners that they are, has finally figured out that the rest of Europe is absolutely, positively not interested in this German word.

After years of trying to get its neighbors to take in quotas of the refugees Angela Merkel invited to Germany it has finally seen the light – that it ain’t never gonna happen – and has decided to abandon the plan “for now.”

Die Bundesregierung ist bereit, die Diskussion über eine gleichmäßigere Verteilung von Flüchtlingen in Europa vorerst auszusetzen.

2 responses

  1. Just read that “Mohammad” is on track to be the most popular male name in Germany this year. I can see why Merkel wants to reverse herself on taking in Muslim refugees.

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