Damned If You Don’t

Remember long, long ago when the US messed up so awfully and needed so desperately to get out of Iraq as soon as possible (I’m talking the German view here, folks)?

Well, now the big American mistake is that they just left. Everything is falling apart again already and it’s all our fault, again already.

The Germans should know what they’re talking about here this time, though. US troops are still in their country and have been since 1945.

Kaum haben die letzten US-Truppen den Irak verlassen, brechen im Land alte Konflikte auf.

And speaking of Iraq…

Uh oh. This could be one of the worst WikiLeaks yet.

It might even force Germans to reevaluate their claims that the only reason the United States went to Iraq was for the oil.


“Contrary to what many people believe, the Iraq war provided few advantages for the US oil industry. The diplomatic cables show that, in most cases, it was competitors to the Americans who often did better in the country.”

Westerwelle in Iraq: “We want to send a signal”

And the signal is: We think it’ll be safe enough for us now to start making money down there again.

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle made a surprise visit to Baghdad on Saturday, calling for more economic engagement in that country (he means of the German kind), which really isn’t much of a surpise, if you ask me.

In particular, a bilateral deal on the protection of investments is expected to be signed with Industry Minister Fawzi Hariri, with the new accord helping improve “economic and legal conditions for German companies” working in Iraq.

Fly me to Iraq already

Looks like Germans are finally going to participate in Iraq after all. Or at least Germany’s Lufthansa is going to. They may not have had any choice, however.

No, I don’t mean that they’re going there to do any heavy lifting or shoot ’em up or anything like that (how could I?). Lufthansa had 2.6% fewer passengers last year and they`re in desperate need of new ones and/or markets and, well, now that Iraq is finally opening up for the rest of us…

It’s time to act or something. So, German Abenteuerurlauber (adventure vacationers), book your flight to Bagdad or Erbil now. Or next year, maybe. Or maybe not at all.

Das Flugangebot wurde 2009 um 1,3 Prozent reduziert.


O-Ton used to mean Originalton (“original”, what someone said word-for-word) in German. Now it means Obamaton, I guess. Come on now, you always suspected it. The Germans only pretend like they can’t speak English.


O-ton from the O-office


Boy do they ever eat this stuff up over here (or their media does, I should say). I had a jaw-dropper watching an ARD report about Iraq last night, too. It’s everywhere. Morning has broken and the mourning is broken. Quite suddenly, let’s say for about two weeks now, Iraq, for instance, is no longer that civil war-torn quagmire place it has been all these long years. It’s a land of milk and honey kind of place. Everything’s gonne be OK now. And it’s all because of you-know-who. After all, that’s why he got nominated and elected, right?


What a difference a day makes. An inauguration day, I mean. Perception? Deception? Immaculate conception? Whatever.


“US-Präsident Obama gratulierte zu der friedlichen Wahl.“

Activism in action

When not serving your own country, try serving the interests of another’s, another country’s vested interest in demonstrating against what it insists upon calling an “unlawful war” (Germany only takes part in legal ones, you see).  But at least it’s always a peaceful demonstration here, you know. This sets a good example or something.


No war if you want it.


Come to Germany. Come to where the asylum is. The political kind, I mean. For, uh, US-Amerikaner, and others like you.


“I’m having the time of my life.”


“He’s our poster boy.”