Glad Sad Mad

Or was it Sad Mad Glad? At any rate, Chancellor Merkel is now in hot water for “endorsing a crime” after she said that she was “glad” that Osama bin Laden had been killed by US forces.

A Hamburg judge has even filed a criminal complaint against her because of this “tacky and undignified” remark that only an American could love.

In typically German schizophrenic style, Schadenfreude (the enjoyment of others’ suffering) cannot be openly expressed in The Land of Schadenfreude. It simply isn’t done here (even though it’s done here privately all day long).

The Germans aren’t glad about this issue, that’s for sure. But they’re not sad about it either. Whether they’re mad or not is certainly up to debate, however.

“The Sad Mad Glad series makes the teaching of trustworthiness, responsibility, caring, respect, fairness, and citizenship an experience that parents and mentors will never forget.”

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  1. I guess the collective disappointment of the intellectual Gutmenschen here over a nobel peace price winner, who turned out to be an American instead of a European or even German lefty, has resulted in a blown up discussion, that will be continued tonight on German TV.


    Anyone sane will keep away from TV and go have a nice dinner somewhere, but maybe someone in the discussion will mention that Obama simply completed what Bush had begun. The world has seen what happens, when anyone attacks the United States. And over this, plus the laughs of the besserwisser statements coming up tonight, I shall be extremely happy during the upcoming weeks, all along with the celebrating Angela and the SEALS, before the devil´s best-man of terror is finally forgotten forever.

  2. Oh, I may have to watch that one tonight, A.K. That Herta Däubler-Gmelin lady (say that ten times really fast) will be there. She’s the one who got fired by Schroeder after comparing Bush to Hitler–a long and still very popular German tradition.

    • I said it 10 times real fast Hermann Observer and the 11th time out came:
      “Heavy Double Mean”
      or in German
      “Hass Doppel Gemein”
      She will be very dissappointed of the SEALS doing.

      • It’s like yelling “Bettlejuice! Bettlejuice! Bettlejuice!,” except Michael Keaton doesn’t show up.

        WHat a precedent. When do we get to haul Europeans into court for their opinions of Americans?

  3. As I understand §140 Stgb, it only applies to illegal acts (so prove that said act was illegal) and only if the public peace is disturbed (that seems not have happened).

    Case collapses?

  4. Okay, this is just funny. Jim Treacher sums up the last sixty years:

    It took over 65 years, but as of today, the United States’ total demoralization of Germany is finally complete. Germany, remember them? Made a lot of noise in the ’30s and ’40s. Self-styled rulers of the world, Third Reich, Master Race, that sort of thing. Fairly arrogant, if you ask me.

    Then we crushed them. We beat them down and built them back up as a pale shadow of what they once were. We humiliated them, emasculated them, showed them who’s boss, broke their spirit to the point where they’re now reduced to… this.

    Read the rest.


  5. It’s creeping up on us, Joe. Be careful out there. When in doubt remember; “I know nothing!”

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