This New-Fangled EBOOK Nonsense Ain’t Never Gonna Happen Here

Not in Germany it ain’t. No way. It’s, uh, I dunno. It’s just plain wrong. It’s too American or something.

Let Amazon & Co. sell all the damned ebooks they want to over yonder (currently 105 ebooks for every 100 printed at Amazon), we’re sticking to tradition and our traditional fixed book prices (this protects our culture somehow) and the unfair taxation and the measly 0.5 percent ebook sales of total volume of books sold in Germany (sure we only got around to introducing the Kindle here just a few weeks back, but still).

Remember this: Germans don’t read ebooks.

And remember this too: Television had no future (radio pioneer Mary Somerville) and the world only needed five computers at most (IBM president Thomas J. Watson).

Verlage und Buchhandlungen in Deutschland sind zögerlich, weil die Investitionen hoch und die Gewinnspannen niedrig sind und es außerdem mal wieder Streit um die Mehrwertsteuer gibt: Während gedruckte Bücher einem ermäßigten Satz von sieben Prozent unterliegen, sind es für E-Books 19. Und bis das ausdiskutiert ist, wird vermutlich auch mehr E-Books als Bücher verkaufen. Denn in Deutschland wurde der Kindle ja erst vor vier Wochen eingeführt.


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  1. Bro –

    If you want one, I can hook you up. Apparently it’s quite easy to fool the system that you aren’t Stateside. Send yourself a gift card electronically, charged to your German credit card, as if someone in Germany with your exact name sent it to you, then set up a US American Amazon account with a US American address. Just register the device to that account.

    The Kindle is on me. It’s not like I don’t owe you for getting me out of verhaftung over the thing with the farmer’s daughter, 3 of his goats, and the accordion.

  2. It was actually 4 goats, Joe. But I’m not counting or anything.

    And I’ve got news for y’all, I ordered mine about six months ago and it works fine here right out of the box. Nix Problem. You just order from like you would back home. I’m not sure if/how I have to specify the .de domain when I want to order books in German from the new German Kindle site (which I haven’t wanted to yet), but I’ll jump off that bridge when I come to it. It’s a way totally cool device (as you well know), although one is a bit bound down with amazon (proprietary, duh). But that certainly hasn’t been a problem yet.

    • Veeeeery interestink! (to quote philosopher Arte Johnson). I though all of that was not to be allowed under copyright and those cartel/syndicate distribution arrangements in DE, FR, etc.

      As to the German kindle books, you may have to buy them off of the US site to “maintain your status”.

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