Too Much Sun, Son

Now if we could only learn to harness the power of falling solar energy company stocks…

Solar Millennium AG plunged by a record in Frankfurt trading after becoming the second publicly traded German solar company to file for insolvency.

Let’s face it, people: The sun and Germany just don’t mix.

Solar Millennium war ein grüner Börsenstar. Beim Solarkraftwerk-Hersteller klang immer alles nach Weltrettung, ständig ging es um die Zukunft der Menschheit. Seit Donnerstag ist das Unternehmen pleite und es wird klar: Viele hundert Millionen Euro sind weg. Es droht einer der größten Anlageskandale der Geschichte. 

One response

  1. Solar Millennium? Man, you’d think a German company would stay away from a name that in any way suggests a thousand years. German and thousand-year forecasts haven’t really worked out that well, you know. Calling your company “Solar Millennium” is like … well, you understand. Both the Third Reich and Solar Millennium only lasted a few years. I guess Hitler should have filed for bankruptcy, too.

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