Electric Cars Bad, Too

For the climate, I mean.

How piquant or exquisite or unintentionally funny or something. An eco-study by an eco-institute (Öko-Institut) has just found out that eco-cars of the ecolectric kind are not nearly as ecological for the ecology as assumed (is there an eco in here?).

Basing its findings upon the amount of additional electricity these cars will have to use in the future, the study determined that if this energy does not come from renewable energy sources (a most unlikely likelihood at this time, it appears), then this increase in electricity production will actually prove to have a detrimental effect upon the so-called climate balance.

Exhaust or not, it must be clear by now that this subject will never be exhausted.

Als Grund nennt das Öko-Institut die Strommengen, die durch Elektroautos verbraucht werden. Die Klimabilanz wäre nur dann ausgewogen, wenn dafür zusätzliche Mengen erneuerbarer Energie in den Strommarkt eingeführt würden.

One response

  1. The basic problem with an electric car is that unless you’re agrd or handicapped, they are only good for uses where a car really isn’t needed anyway: i.e. where you would otherwise be walking to the Lidl, the U-Bahn, or somesuch.

    It’s not like you could go any sort of tremendous distance in one, or use it to work or recreate in the countryside for a whole day.

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