Empty Box Empty Box

Hamburg police have determined that an empty box found in a subway station just before the Hamburg Marthon was scheduled to begin turned out in fact to be an empty box.


However, if the box had not been empty, no one would have had any video footage of the person who had placed it there because, as you can see, surveillance cameras are still black (as in evil) in Germany.

In light of the Boston Marathon bombings, a new German “debate” about increasing the number of surveillance cameras has begun once again but will lead to nowhere fast as usual.

Kurze Aufregung im Umfeld des Hamburg-Marathon: Die Polizei hat am Sonntag einen verdächtigen Gegenstand in einem U-Bahnhof in der Innenstadt untersucht.

One response

  1. This is one time the Germans have it wrong about privacy. But they do have cameras in Hamburg in the s and u bahn, station platforms and in buses. What they don’t have is cameras at any random places around town, in shops etc that are close enough to actually identify people. You can watch ships coming into the harbor though, which woud be helpful in case of pirate attacks.

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