Muslims Find Soap Offensive

Let me rephrase that: Certain Muslims on Facebook find a specific soap being sold by Aldi Süd offensive because it has a minaret on the label.


That injures their religious sensibilities of something so Aldi, being the politically correct cutthroat global discount supermarket chain it is, has now removed the soap from its offering. This, in turn, has pissed off a number of German customers who feel that the Muslim and Aldi reactions  are completely ridiculous, which, of course, they are.

One such customer has now suggested that Aldi also remove Germany’s famous Kölnisch Wasser (Cologne) from their offering as it injures German religious sensibilities, too. After all, the Cologne Cathedral is depicted on its label.

So fordert etwa ein Kunde auf der Facebook-Seite des Unternehmens, dass man “Kölnisch Wasser” aus dem Verkauf nehmen sollte, weil es seine religiösen Gefühle verletze.

6 responses

  1. This is of course all completely silly, but: the reaction of the Aldi “customer” is not the same as the muslim complaint – in the Bible (as far as I know) picturing religious persons or symbols is not verboten. But there was in fact something similar year ago when the Catholic church sued satire magazine “Titanic” who had pictured the crucified Jesus in a spoof ad about tin toys.

    • Actually, the Old Testament does have a segment forbidding images — of living things, to keep “idols” from being made. But even Islam states that images of things without souls is allowed. So, yes, someone gripping about commercial copy really is trying to be offended.

  2. I find it amusing that the name of the soap — Ombia? Closely resembles the name of a place on author Terry Pratchett’s “Diskworld” called Omnia — a place full of intolerant and humorless religious fundamentalists.

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