To Russia With Love

I mean with debt. Go with God, Greece, but go (to Russia for more dough). I’m sure they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.


Greece’s energy minister is visiting Russia today after calling for a confrontation with a “Germanised Europe” in the country’s stalling bailout negotiations.

The visit comes less than a fortnight before Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras is due to visit Russian president Vladimir Putin, the date of which was reportedly brought forward because of Greece’s financial disputes with the European Union.

“Today, it becomes even more evident to me that the pathway of the country away from the crisis goes through tough confrontation, if not collision, with the Germanized Europe.”

3 responses

  1. Russia in recent months, seems to be doing joint work with each of the countries, which are not close as politically with each other. For example, “We agreed with Turkey on oil pipeline,” says Putin. A few months later, agreed with Cyprus.
    I do not know Greece, but movements of Russia have become predictable anymore. Already it does not need to wait more than anything from Russia, which is acting with capitalism together.

  2. Either way, it isn’t good for Germany at all — there goes any sort of good deal with potential energy contracts in the Aegean for Germany companies (and wind/solar isn’t exactly working out).
    Perhaps they’ll find other deposits in the Med, and the Germans will have learned their lessons from the Greek and Cypriot situations (although considering the rhetoric, I won’t hold my breathe).

    On the other hand, this could eventually lead to Russia and Turkey locking horns — that always bodes well…

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