This Is The End

The end of German society as we know it, I mean. The latest survey says it’s all over but the Heulen (crying).


A shocking 71 per cent of Germans, it turns out, would risk crossing the street even when the pedestrian signal is red.

39 per cent of Germans said they had taken public transport without paying for a ticket.

And 20 per cent of cyclists said they would run a red light.

Asked what most represents Germany to them, 63 per cent of respondents named Volkswagen, ahead of Goethe (49 per cent), Angela Merkel (45 per cent), and the national anthem (44 per cent). Somewhat alarmingly, Adolf Hitler came seventh, named by 25 per cent of those polled.


5 responses

  1. Answer in a first semester seminar basic physics on the question why 65% flunked: “This cannot be true, there are only 45 in our class.”

  2. Wow, they are really living dangerously. When I was living in Germany, I accidentally purchased the wrong pass and was called out by the conductor and horribly shamed. Almost in tears. Would never risk not buying a ticket on public transport.

  3. At least some of them still remember such “word” as Goethe. But i doubt that this will last any long….
    Whole Europe is on pretty sad way…or rather highway…. Nevertheless, It was their choice

  4. Naughty naughty Germans. Giving us/them the benefit of the doubt, I take it with Hitler they mean the horrendous legacy of the ‘Third Reich’. I still feel the stigma of it, mainly self-stigmatised. I really like the random quote of the day.

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