German Of The Day: Getarnt

That means disguised. You know, like the three terrorists from Paris who presumably made their way through Europe disguised as refugees? Now it’s out that at least one of them traveled through Germany.


Take this guy here, Ahmad Almohammad, one of the three who blew themselves up in front of the Stade de France. The latest reports indicate that he was in Bavaria at the end of October.

Alarming? Not alarming enough if you watch the news here. Making a big deal out of something like this would only unsettle the public.

“Zu laufenden Ermittlungsverfahren erteilen wir keine Auskünfte.”

4 responses

  1. I note on Der Spiegel’s English site that they were trying to write off the Syrian passport found at one of the Paris massacre sites as being a plant left by the terrorist to bring shame and suspicion to the “good refugees.” This is despite the fact that there is documentary evidence that the Greek government documented the same passport as belonging to a refugee,

    Oh Well!

  2. There are reports that at least some of the weapons used in that attack also came from Germany — at this rate the amount of “unsettlement” must be reaching critical mass.

    • I’m sure the buyers had valid hunting club license and correct paperwork (or whatever it is that Germans have to have in order to get a shooty thing).
      Just like their passports — all ship shape, nothing to see here.

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