Dieselgate Actually US-Amerikanische Conspiracy Or Something

But you knew that already, I hope.


It was a few researchers from West Virginia (at least one German researcher working in the US was involved here, too, by the way) who brought down the might of the German automotive industry, exposing VW’s Dieselgate cheats. Do you think Germany is pleased about that?

Displeased might not be the right word, but the very healthy sense of irony in Germany came out strong as the industrial nation had to reckon with podunk yahoo America getting German tech on the global shitlist (see the FIFA scandal, “unfortunately” a similar situation). Let us not forget that VW is Germany’s biggest automaker, and making autos is Germany’s most proud export business.

This video comes from the publicly-funded ZDF TV network.

American cars. Non-manipulated. Out of love for the environment.

3 responses

  1. My son just got $500, an apology and a promise of further redress. This is going to cut into German funds that could go to refugees. Some may radicalize as a result and go full Muslim somewhere. Stay sharp.

  2. Says that video has been blocked — so I don’t get to partake of all that stump pullin’ truck-y goodness.
    As a flyover American, I can tell you with some surety that most flyover Americans didn’t really even register VWgate: diesel trucks are a fixture around here for a reason. Some little German car isn’t going to make that much of a difference to the air quality (which is pretty decent really, diesel evil notwithstanding, probably because the population density is pretty low) (and honestly, my family owns 2 VWs; one of which is a diesel — we picked them up for cheap, as they are well used but run pretty decent — although they’re buggers to fix when they need it; the Subarus are somewhat better in that department — Germans, quit making your cars so fussy when they get sick would be my advice, and cheaper parts would be nice too). Most people who had any opinion at all about it were chuckling more about the whole smug factor being exposed than anything else. Yes, I was one of them. Have been lectured by Europeans (mostly German it’s true) and their hippie American fellow travellers about my awful, Gaia destroying, big farm truck and SUV (when they don’t know the road conditions I drive on nor what I need a vehicle to be able to do)….now it’s learned that their eco-friendly stuff is just a great big sham (wow, go figure). I’ve been able to say “told ya so” a lot lately; don’t know if I can handle so much. Might go to my head.

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