Germans Puzzled By Scandinavia’s Innovative New “Identity Checks”

After Sweden moved to introduce so-called “identity checks” for all passengers arriving from Denmark, Denmark, too, has now imposed controls on its southern border with Germany in an attempt to stem the flow of migrants advancing unremittingly from the south.


“What do you mean?” asked one baffled and highly underemployed German border authority when told of this. “They like actually demand to see a passport or an ID from every person who wants to enter their country and can even refuse them entry if like, say, they don’t have one? I don’t get it. What would be the point of that?”

“A step in the right direction. Schengen has collapsed. The illusion of external borders has burst. Why does it take such a long time to recognise this?”

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  1. Quite a party in Cologne last Friday. Muslim entrepreneurs are letting the less lucky smell their fingers for a small fee. Already contributing to the German economy, just like mutti said.

    • Fireworks for the New Year too, and some of them even decided to attend Christian church services that they then blessed with their vibrant cultural stuff — see, they are assimilating!
      Seriously, when is this going to stop? I think Europeans are done enough to prove themselves shiney, happy, beautifully sophisticated people who welcome all diversity in the name of diversity with nothing but diversity….so, you know, you can stop now. We get it; you’re wonderful and all that. You can stop now.
      PS. but don’t send them over here; I can’t say that often enough

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