If It Looks Like Dog !%#*, And Smells Like Dog !%#*, Then…

It’s still not allowed to be called dog !%#*.


Move along folks, move along. Nothing to see here. And this has absolutely positively nothing at all to do with Germany’s WAY out of control open-arms refugee policy. So don’t even bring that up.

German officials sought to reassure the public on Tuesday after scores of women reported being sexually assaulted and robbed by what witnesses described as large groups of Middle Eastern-looking men during the New Year celebrations.

While security officials said it was unclear whether the perpetrators were recently arrived migrants, the assault reports are feeding into a simmering debate about the impact of the more-than 1 million refugees who arrived in the country last year, mainly from the Middle East, Afghanistan and Africa.

3 responses

  1. I’m sure all the Muslim hand rapers were born and bred in good old Germany, not the refugees at all. So you better look inside yourself and ask how you failed these hand raping home grown gentlemen. When the Eloi won’t defend their women, the women better stay at home and the blond ones should dye their hair black as is the new Swedish rage. And building a rape clinic for male Eloi (like the Swede Eloi have found necessary) might be a good idea too. Imagine a Tahrir square every where in Germany this coming spring. They say there is nothing more romantic than a Muslim gang handrape while the call to prayer drones in the background.

  2. Women just stay one arm length away from anyone, then you´re ok! Now that´s government advice from the Mayor of Cologne, whose SOKO is still working.

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