News Flash: Wealth Unevenly Distributed Here

Germans everywhere were shocked to discover today that the nation’s wealth has not been evenly, uniformly and fairly distributed as had previously been believed.


“Wah? Howya figure?” asked one dumbfounded German upon being informed by Spiegel-Online that the upper ten percent of his fellow countrymen possesses 60 percent of Germany’s wealth while the lower half only owns a lousy 2.5 percent of it (leaving lots of wealth left over somewhere else if I’ve done the math correctly, but still). “This sure is news to me. We Germans have all been raised in the confidence that we live in an ideal, egalitarian society in which things like income inequality are absolutely unthinkable and unheard of, much less possible. Why, these are amerikanische Verhältnisse or something! Why weren’t we informed of this earlier?”

Spiegel-Online apologized for this but then comforted their distraught readers by explaining that at least every German household enjoys having some 214,000 euros ($240,000) at its disposal – on average.

Jeder Haushalt besitzt 214.000 Euro – im Schnitt.

3 responses

  1. Individually, the median German had 60400 € capital (in 2014, newer numbers not available), 9000 more than in 2010. The median Italian for comparison had 138000€ in 2014, 19% less than in 2010, but he/she was still richer than the median German. By no means are these 60400€ liquid.
    But yes, the distribution of capital is L-shaped 😦

  2. Yes. But! The German 2.5% in real terms has umpteen times more value (thanks to a social free-market economy) than other western economies. A person living on an average salary in Germany can easily be considered wealthy by say…an American/Brit/u.s.w. No! To make an equal comparison of wealth using just sterile figures can be misleading. Germans have more bang for less buck.

  3. Income inequality wealth distribution. The two are related, but not anywhere near the same. There are people who have incomes of hundreds of thousands of dollars/euros/marks a year but are dirt poor, and people with essentially no income who have significant wealth. Is a retiree with an income of 2,500 marks/dollars/euros a month “wealthy?” They sure as hell are if they own a home worth 2 million euros/marks/dollars, and a portfolio twice that size.

    INCOME is simply current “what’s coming in”. It doesn’t consider either what’s going out (which may or may not be contributing to “standard of living”), nor what’s already on hand. Take all three into account, THAT’S how one figures who is “wealthy” and who isn’t….

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