Data Protection, Data Protection, Data Protection…

This mantra is suddenly not quite as effective as it used to be in Germany.


“We have to expect a long period of terror. London, Madrid, Paris, now Brussels. Even German cities will not be spared in the long run. So far, we have been lucky”, stated Rainer Wendt, chief of the German Police Union at newspaper Passauer Neue Presse.

On this frame, German politicians ask for an increased exchange of information between European authorities, in a country that is really sensitive over privacy issues and has some of the strictest rules on privacy and data protection in the world, partly as a heritage from Germany’s surveillance history through the East German and Nazi dictatorships.

“The best remedy against such attacks is information exchange,” stressed Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière.

And remember all the NSA, “friends don’t spy on friends” hysteria? U.S., Germany eye ways to deepen cyber collaboration

De Maizière will an die “Datentöpfe.” “Datenschutz ist schön, aber in Krisenzeiten hat Sicherheit Vorrang.”

5 responses

  1. The Eloi need to cooperate, share their white wash and stupidity.


    Hip stuff for hip Vigils. Franchises start at 250,000 usd, get in early for explosive growth and earnings.

  2. Doald Trump reads a poem titled….The Snake…..

    And folks say he has no appreciation for art and the truth to be found there.

  3. Here’s an idea for Germany: rethink their relationship with Erdogan.

    Oh, haha, what was I thinking? That’s not going to happen — Germany will just continue with it’s “we’ve been incredibly lucky”, all the while playing footsie with Erdogan and letting other countries deal with the problem…while Germany pontificates…but eventually the piper does have to be paid: tick tock Germany, tick tock (what happened to your women will be the least of it if you’re not careful)

    Meanwhile Trump has said we need to reconsider NATO…perhaps it is time for a new alignment…he has a point. Turkey cannot be trusted, and there are perhaps better countries to be aligned with.

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